Weird animals – The Red-Lipped Batfish


New weird animal, strange look this time : The Red-Lipped Batfish Nice lips, I love it According to Wikipedia, this fish of unusual morphology was found around the Galapagos Islands […]

Weird animals – The Panda Ant

Panda Ant

Hi everybody Since my passion for insect has started for few months and is growing over and over, I thought that it may interest some of you to see different […]

Ladybug Journey 2


I’m working on a new visual of my serie Ladybug Journey. Here a raw shot of what could be the next visual  

Showreel 2013 – Modern Age Studio

Image 4

I opened a new title on the website called « Showreel ». By clicking, it send you directly to my fresh new showreel 2013 hosted on Vimeo. I realised few months ago […]

EXHIBITION – 5th-19th October – Champagne sur Seine / France


Here is my first public exhibition. Save the date ! I will show 6 creations, and be present to talk about.

Ladybug Journey

Ladybug Journey

Here is my new image, visible in the front page : Ladybug Journey. A cool/but hard/but cool work, mixing 3D and nature. THe hardest part was to both success the […]

Modern Age Studio 3.0 (for good this time !)

Few months ago, I’ve changed my website, from Cargocollective to WordPress. I liked the new style, pure and simple, but my images weren’t at the frontpage, in full resolution. I […]

Shop has arrived !


I’ve opened shops on Society6, Redbubble and Amkashop. You’ll be able to find and buy my whole graphic stuff there, on art prints, teeshirts, iphone/ipad cases etc…


Photoshop est bardé de fonctions, et s’enrichit à chaque version de nouvelles. Cependant, il reste certains fondamentaux qu’il est bon également de connaître et de maîtriser, comme l’outil Transfert. Vous […]

Modern Age Studio 2.0 launched !


I’ve decided to move from cargocollective to wordpress, to add more control to its design and menus. I’m proud to launch this new version, where I can now add my […]